About ReCourses, Inc.

ReCourses, Inc., is a privately held corporation through which David C. Baker applies his professional life. David is an author, speaker, and advisor, offering business insight to firms in the expertise marketplace: marketing, advertising, design, media, management consulting, etc. So a few things about that focus:

  1. On its face, that's pretty broad, but we only focus on the "expert" slice at the top of those various verticals. That means that we work with those primarily driven by expertise and not driven by service. Even "expertise wrapped tightly in service" is a bit iffy for us. Great service and client-centeredness is a worthy calling, but too many times it masks an underlying issue that really needs to be addressed in other ways. So our clients are experts already or are committed to that path.
  2. The focus is on business insight because that seems to be the primary factor that impacts whether a firm is successful or not. A design firm doesn't go out of business because it's not creative enough, but because of one (or a string of) bad business decisions. 

To deliver on this purpose, ReCourses offers:

  • Books (four and counting, three of which have been very successful).
  • Articles (at least one hundred in independent media).
  • Speaking, typically as a keynote but sometimes as a breakout or pre-conference workshop.
  • Consulting, through a dozen packaged programs (most notably the Total Business Review).
  • Webinars, with a growing count of "on demand" and a fresh six or so every year.
  • Seminars of our own, either in a one- or two-day format. Typically four every year (three repeat and one new one).
  • Blog, publishing every 1-4 weeks and widely read by just under 20,000 opt-in email subscribers and ca. 40,000 social media followers across various platforms.

David feels an enormous sense of gratitude and privilege from being able to serve people in this way and have the sort of impact that's been possible with some insight, courage, discipline, and good fortune.

You'll already know much of what David point out, but together we'll put the pieces into context, save you from experimenting, and bring solutions that may not have occurred to you yet. We'll gently pull you out of the marinade of indecision and warm up the grill.

If you want to receive a notification of all the new materials and events, be sure to sign up at one of the many forms scattered around the site. It's free, regular, and content-laden.