Nine Crucial Components of a Bonus Plan: Think Differently in 2013 (webinar)

The first year you did that annual bonus, you were Santa Claus incarnate. After that it became an entitlement, employees often pre-spent what they anticipated getting ahead of time, and if the amount didn't increase every year they were disappointed--not grateful.

There is a much better way to do this, and it's exactly the right time to think about 2013. Whatever their expectations are in 2012 will likely have to be met, but if you set new expections NOW for next year, you'll begin deriving value from the investment again, they'll appreciate it more, and the chances of it truly affecting behavior will be greatly increased.

Learn all the specifics of how to do this well.

11:00a-12:00p Central

No cancellations allowed, though a recording will be available if you are unable to make the webinar after registering. We encourage multiple attendees from the same firm (without any additional charge).