Using Tweriod to Analyze Your Twitter Account

There are thousands of tools for social media, and only a few dozen that strike me as useful. One of those is Tweriod, which analyzes your Twitter account, including when followers are most likely to interact with you, and thus when you should post. Best of all, it will auto-populate your account at Buffer, building the schedule for each of your accounts accordingly.

Click to download a 9-page PDF of the data from my account to illustrate what you'll see.

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Tom Gable

Hi David,
There are a couple of conditions people might find troubling.

This application will be able to:
-Read Tweets from your timeline.
-See who you follow, and follow new people.
-Update your profile.
-Post Tweets for you.

The last two are a bit scary.
Tom Gable


Bob Parina


Thanks for sharing this. While the results are interesting, the greater information is the tools used and the time and effort expended on Twitter. Prior to hearing both you and Michael Gass, I dismissed Twitter as a business tool. Your results speak for themselves.

Bob Parina


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