David speaks 30-35 per year. Fees range from $8,000 to $20,000, based on the audience, the preparation necessary, the distance, the length of the presentation, and the size of the group. Revenue sharing is also an option.

He has spoken on more than 70 topics, so if it has to do with managing a marketing services firm, chances are excellent that collaboratively we can come up with a very compelling topic.

Time on stage varies from 18 minutes (a bunch of TEDx events) to 8 hours.

We do not use a speaker's bureau (it just adds to the cost). Expenses (airfare and hotel) are extra. If we mutually agree that this is a good fit, you'll receive a firm quotation on the fee and the expenses. We'll make our own travel arrangements. The fee and expenses will be due (to be received) two weeks before the actual date.

Audio/video capture is only allowed after mutual agreement beforehand.

Please contact David with more information about your opportunity. If he can't help, he'll be glad to refer you to another expert source.