Single Issue: Remote

Our remote "one-issue advice" offering allows you to get significant help for one issue without a large commitment. (Note that there is a similar but more expensive service that is done in person, here in Nashville.)

The Total Business Review is our flagship product, but there are times when you don't want or need an approach that comprehensive. In this way we can still limit our client base but also provide a mechanism to help you with a single critical issue that seems to be impeding your success.

To qualify for this service, it must be a single issue (even if complicated), and it must not be featured as a package anywhere else on this site.

If this interests you, give us a sense of what you are trying to work through and we'll tell you honestly whether we can help. If we can, we'll specify what we'll need to receive from you, and then we'll schedule our first phone call. If we can't help, we'll point you to someone who can.

That's the program in a nutshell. There's more on how we work together under our FAQ.

Location. Remote.

Duration. Multiple hours of consultation, as needed for the issue.

Scheduling. The consultation can usually be scheduled and locked in on the calendar within one week, depending on the time of year. The fall tends to be our busiest season.

Deliverable. Hours of industry leading advice that follows a written agenda, very carefully and concisely stated recommendations for your note taking, and later expansions as necessary.

Implementation Guidance. Up to two months involving up to two significant interactions. They are agenda-driven, which means that you'll keep a log of the questions you have and we'll address them in a batch. We don't count the quick phone calls or any of the email exchanges during those two months. (Our work is not like a coach.)

Participation Requirements. A principal or someone from finance gathers materials for roughly two hours.

Cost. $3,000 fee. No expenses.

Payment Terms. Prepaid and non-refundable, sent with the materials that we’ll request.

References. Sometimes. There's a fuller explanation of our policy around references in the FAQ.

We accept approximiately two of these every month, and they are very popular with new and existing clients.