Mission & Values

At ReCourses, we want to be known as the premier provider of business management advice to marketing firms, worldwide. This focus comes from the belief that most firms fail from lack of business acumin—not lack of intelligence or creativity.

To accomplish this, we will rely on two values: core character and core competence.

We will maintain honesty, forthrightness, respect, fairness, responsiveness, flexibility, and confidentiality.

We will listen intently; shun formulaic answers; reinvent ourselves frequently; learn from any relevant source; and apply a cross-disciplined approach in order to lead clients effectively.

To integrate our core character and competence, we will seek a balance between family, friends, health, leisure, development, opportunity, and work.

We will always seek potential clients actively so that we can serve only those who need and want our help; we will charge enough to maintain our core competence without losing our core character. And we will be grateful for any enjoyment that might spring from this endeavor while we provide substantive answers to clients in a sustainable business environment.

Finally, while we won't necessarily share everything we know to be true, everything we do share will be true, delivered directly but kindly.