Mapping Second Half of Your Career

Hashtag: #AIGAatlBaker

If you've reached 25 years of experience in your design career and are feeling at a crossroads, this half-day workshop can help as you decide how to shape your next steps. David C. Baker, the leading management consultant for the creative services industry, will share perspectives on what our seasoned designers, creative directors, and studio owners need to consider. Topics will include evaluating your own suitability for the options, deciding whether to move into a related field, and tips for identifying and minimizing the effects of marginalization as you age.

Some background: the single largest growth segment of the U.S. working population is the 50+ group. People are living and working longer, and designers often feel a drive to keep creating and contributing into their 70s. Your Atlanta chapter of AIGA is embarking on a year of programming that supports our seasoned members, giving them the tools they need during the next phase of their career.

To help attendees prepare for this valuable personal growth workshop, a short list of articles will be provided prior to the event.

Attendees will have opportunities in the months to come to reconnect about this topic and continue the conversation.

Georgia Tech Conference Center
800 Spring Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Free parking is available in the GT Conference Center’s parking deck.

08:30a--breakfast and networking
09:00a--session begins
11:30a--David talks with an invited guest on current trends and their success
12:00p--attendees break out in groups to share their own rich experiences
12:30p--session closes

Sponsored by the Atlanta chapter of AIGA. Register here.