This page collects and explains our paid services. We will frequently craft an engagement that is different from any of the packages listed, so please inquire if you are struggling to find a fit. Just click "Read More" about each package, where you will find plenty of detail, including price and terms. Too many choices can be paralyziing, so here are quick links to options by category.

Comprehensive, Tailored, In Person, at Your Office:

Tailored, In Person, at Your Office:

Tailored, In Person, in Nashville:

  • One Big Issue Solved, In Nashville. ($4,500)

Tailored, Remote:


Not included in the quick links above are valuations ($3,000), succession planning ($3,000-$36,000), roundtables ($4,000), books ($25-$200), and other events, like seminars ($1,000).

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Total Business Review

The Total Business Review (TBR), our flagship service and where most firms begin, is a very unique, impactful solution for marketing firms wanting a holistic, objective, candid assessment of their firm...and then specific recommendations to take them to the next step and beyond.

This program began in March, 1994 and was then deconstructed and rebuilt in August, 2013. We still only perform this for the design, advertising, public relations, and interactive communities, but working with ca. 750 firms has enabled us to know right where to look, how to interpret the data, and what it means in the context of this industry.

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New Business Audit

There are two big things you may want to fix in relation to new business: the amount of work you have and the type of work you have. Most of the clients we work with are busy, on their own without any outside help, but they need help with the latter: "How do I get the kind of work that is lucrative, challenges me personally, moves the needle on behalf of my client, and furthers my reputation as an expert?" That multi-part question is what this program is laser focused on answering.

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In-House Review

The In-House Department Review is quite similar to our flagship Total Business Review, so it might be helpful to skim that. Because there is so much overlap, here is a partial list of where they differ:

  • In-house departments have a client concentration problem: one client represents all of their business. Just like in independent firms, a client concentration problem inevitably leads away from expertise and toward service. We're not talking here about what you are capable of, but how the "client" sees you, and perhaps even values you.
  • Because in-house clients operate as if they have plenty of work and are free of the pedestrian function of marketing, they may skip the expertise-building activities that don't bring more work but definitely bring more respect from their internal clients.
  • Most in-house departments don't have a genuine charge-back mechanism, which strips the relationship of a filter that weeds out the stupid requests. There is no real cost associated with asking. Even where such systems exist, they don't carry the same weight.
  • There is a general and very widespread lack of respect for in-house departments. Sometimes it's because they don't deserve respect and are looking for helpful ways to earn it, but usually it's a fascinating anthropological phenomenon: in developed cultures, experts are not accessible. You're just down the hall.
  • It's a very rare in-house department that can say no and not be labeled as anything but a team player.

In essence, the relationship between an internal department and an internal client borders on co-dependent. There are many proven and effective ways to break these patterns, and that's what we do.

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Management Summit

A Management Summit can be a useful tool for a checkup, a year or two after a Total Business Review, or it can be customized to address anything not covered by another package. This program is designed to cover a few specific issues that are more appropriately worked through in person, on-site. It is the least expensive option that involves consulting with you in that manner, and covers more than either of the Single Issue packages (in Nashville or remote) and less than the Total Business Review.

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On-Site Training

A significant portion of our work involves training and development. Webinars, seminars, and conferences that are open to the public are listed chronologically in the Events section, but more than one-half of our training work is provided via private events on client premises.

One of the nine significant advantages of being larger is that it's not only more cost effective to bring the trainging to you, but more people can participate.

Here are some topics that are requested frequently:

  • Research and Insights
  • Managing Client Relationships
  • Resourcing the Creative Process
  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Managing Creatives and Creativity
  • Positioning and Lead Generation
  • Developing Your Own Social Media Plan.
  • Conducting Social Media Audits and Planning for Your Clients
  • Changing the Culture from Deadline-Driven to Profit and Effectiveness
  • Building A New Department Effectively

All but the first of the topics above can be delivered in one-half to one full day, depending on your goals.

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The ReCourses Valuation Model (RVM) is a sophisticated financial tool to give the buyer or seller a quantifiable, repeatable indication of the marketplace value of a firm, based on the sum total of their management decisions in the recent past.

The RVM is a proprietary method for establishing the value of a marketing firm. While valuation services are often coupled with equity transactions, they are also useful for estate planning to ensure liquidity and the proper titling of assets, divorce settlements, creating an ESOP that will hold some or all of your company's shares, determining proportionate value in a buy/sell agreement, funding a buy/sell agreement with life insurance, or dissolving a firm. And some business owners want a valuation of their business just out of curiosity, to measure their progress from year to year in a tangible way and to see how an outsider would evaluate the firm (giving them time to make changes to the weaker areas). Regardless of the reason, it can be a useful exercise in measuring what you are building beyond just salary (and perhaps distributions). There are many sources for a valuation, but very few credible ones for independent firms in the marketing industry.

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Succession Planning

ReCourses provides consulting for all or individual principals. The "succession" phrase is a fairly broad umbrella, and we approach it that way. There are usually one or more presenting symptoms that are prompting you to consider succession planning options, and at times the right succession option is appropriate and thus put in place. But many times the presenting symptoms themselves point to other things amiss with the business, which, if solved, would lessen any pressure to install a succession plan.

Succession planning is one of those very few processes that both carries no downside and also is beneficial no matter what the future holds. For example, if you consider succession when making decisions about people, products, and processes, you will enjoy the experience of running the firm even more—regardless of the outcome.

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We have been organizing roundtables for many years: at least one new one every year, and sometimes two. The idea is for us to handpick about one dozen firms that we have worked with and respect and trust. This is important, because none of the members know each other until they meet, and so they are counting on our "endorsement" when they sign up. This also gives them assurance when they approach the very first meeting with a complete open book mindset.

Our next roundtable is named Fuss Hollow and will be held in Nashville, beginning with dinner on Wednesday, November 6, and concluding at noon on Friday, November 8.

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Single Issue: Nashville

Our "one-issue advice" in Nashville offering allows you to get significant help for one issue without a large commitment, face to face. (Note that there is a similar but less expensive service that is done remotely.)

The Total Business Review is our flagship product, but there are times when you don't want or need an approach that comprehensive. In this way we can still limit our client base but also provide a mechanism to help you with a single critical issue that seems to be impeding your success.

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Single Issue: Remote

Our remote "one-issue advice" offering allows you to get significant help for one issue without a large commitment. (Note that there is a similar but more expensive service that is done in person, here in Nashville.)

The Total Business Review is our flagship product, but there are times when you don't want or need an approach that comprehensive. In this way we can still limit our client base but also provide a mechanism to help you with a single critical issue that seems to be impeding your success.

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À La Carte

Until this relaunch of our services in late August, 2013, the least expensive means of working together was the remote Single Issue package. We're going to try an experiment, though, by offering hourly (actually, "minutely") advice on whatever you need help with.

This will all happen through the Clarity platform, where you'll find our account and the 45 or so recommendations that they pulled in automatically from LinkedIn. If you would like to take advantage of this assistance, please click here to proceed.

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ReCourses Functional Model (RFM) System Credits

We initiate a major research project every two years, typically, spending $100,000-400,000 on each, over the lifetime of the project. The project we began in 1998 was to look for any patterns in personality characteristics that might signal a particular strength for a particular role. There are typically 9-12 distinct structural roles in any given environment.

The final stage of this research was to map the correlations and to use a scientific methodology to uncover traits that were repeatable. The entire system is termed the ReCourses Functional Model and users around the world (in many different languages) have found it to be an invaluable resource.

Part of the client-side implementation is to administer these profiles on their own, and thus we make them available here. The indicators are based on a sample size of 14,000+ participants, each of whom participated in this tool, a 25-question qualitative survey, and a 30-minute personal, face-to-face interview.

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